Aposhashamura MINI loans are non-collateralize. In a bid to PROTECT INVESTORS FUND, we ensure all ends are tied. There are a few common reasons for a declined loan:

  i.  Invalid/Non-existing/Inactive Email Address. When a loan is declined, Aposhashamura provides the borrower the reasons for the declined loan via the email address provided during signup so necessary adjustments can be made. Communication is broken with an invalid or inactive email account.

  ii.  Mostly, there is always an issue with the bank information provided. A borrower provides a Bank to receive the loan & provides a different Bank Card for loan repayment. Most times, these bank debit cards are inactive accounts. At loan due dates, charge backs return unsuccessful. The loan begins to accumulate overdue charges, & eventually might go bad. 

  iii.  Borrower may not currently meet Aposhashamura's lending criteria. Mostly, borrowers do not provide detailed information to substantiate a reliable source of income which makes loan repayment doubtful.

  iv.  Borrower may have a Negative Credit Report. When we carry out Credit checks, we receive detailed reports of the Borrower’s exposure to other Financial Institutions. A borrower is free to have as many loans as possible, what matters is the Repayment Behavioral Pattern which most times is unsatisfactory.

  v.  The ID card provided is either invalid or not clear enough. We are not sure if this is done on purpose or not

  vi.  All data supplied by a borrower are verified. We may have received insufficient data to score the application. These include Home Address History, Employment History, Phone no. history, etc.

 Please note: 

· Loan decisions are not necessarily final and can change over time.

·  If you've reviewed the above and found any errors, or have additional information you would like us to consider, you may submit another application in the app.