Dear Tenant,

Words cannot express how truly sorry we are for the anxiety, frustration & the inconveniences that you, your family and friends have experienced with us. This is particularly saddening because Aposhashamura was founded on the promise of bringing welfare stewardship to Nigerians while prospering the policy of financial inclusion and making the experience of democratizing earnings easier for everyone. We admit we failed to deliver on these promises in the last Eight (8) Months! We are sorry.

We understand how your experience on ATB has affected everything, including your financial goals, plans and projects, even got you stranded, to say the least. We are using this medium to own up to the fact that we failed you. But like every company that is out with an intention to better humanity never gives up, we are not giving up!

Think about Samsung’s exploded phones, the massive Data breach from Facebook, or Tylenol’s Cyanide-laced Pill scare from the 1980s. After these serious mistakes, these companies are still thriving today. We take a strong front from the understanding of their experience & keeping our head high while surmounting every obstacle as we move.

You may have seen a few ‘back in Business’ moves that we have made after the relief on the Covid-19 Pandemic lock down. Since the ATB service shortfall, the Loan Platform also suffered near service inactivity, in fact, we lost touch with the customers, who are also very unhappy with us. You will agree with us that, without these Borrowers, there is no ATB!

So far, in our final walk of re-working the ATB platform, buying back these borrowers has become unquestionable. One of the strategies is to create additional values with the loan platform, that can create more buy-in & easy wins.

Our deepest regret is that along the way, all efforts to get a grip of the situation got our hand slippery. We failed you on promises we gave based on our projected possible timeline of delivery, but unfortunately different turns were the events. We are deeply sorry!

With your patience & understanding, Aposhashamura will be back & better. We are asking you again, for a little more time to win back our customers so we can open the ATB fully for unbreakable transactions going forward. The good news is, after the one-week of awareness, we have won some numbers already!

Be assured of our commitment to restore a smooth business relationship again, meeting your expectations and surpass it. We can only hope to regain your trust, but we understand we must earn it. We are still banking that you will back us each step of the way, as you did all through the crisis, to get out of this challenge, finally.

We thank you for your candor & solidarity.

Warm Regards
The Aposhashamura Team