CONETFIL is an acronym for the words- Corporate Network of Financiers, Investors & Lenders. It is a service designed by Aposhashamura Finance Limited, owner of Aposhashamura® loan platform.

  • It is an innovation that is developed primarily for one of the Aposhashamura market segment categories- The Sophisticated Opportunist (TSO)
  • It is running on a sub-platform of the Aposhashamura Loan Platform, referred to as Aposhashamura Tenant Board (ATB). Use this link
  • ATB is designed to host TSO as Money Lenders under a tenancy arrangement

This service was created;

  • To create a platform for TSO who are willing to start a journey into the FinTech Industry Space.
  • To provide an investment platform for TSO who are willing to participate in the loan service market but are not ready to undergo the technicality & the manageability of setting up & managing the day-to-day activities of a loan service platform
  • To encourage TSO who are willing to promote financial inclusion have a quick start at granting borrowers’ quick loans
  • To provide a platform where TSO can manage and grow their personal finance/wealth while they service the under-served loan service market
  • To provide an investment theme for TSO to earn Returns on Investment (ROI)