Document No.:             1220/2203 Vol. III

Document Category:  Credits & Loans

Document Title:            Stage II Recovery Procedure 

Written By:                     Fibiyisola A. Mustafa

Date:                             May 2020


Overdue debts arise from non-liquidation of loan advances within the agreed time or for failure to settle unpaid accounts for goods & services supplied.

When a borrower defaults on an Aposhashamura loan, we make attempts to resolve the dispute by following these steps:



Recovery Processes

Corresponding Action

Customer Expected Call to Action

If Borrower complies

If the Borrower fails to comply

Stage II

Step 1

A Loan Manager is assigned to recover the default loan

The Loan Manager contacts the borrower via email/phone call, SMS/Whatsapp Messaging for further negotiations & repayment arrangements 

Borrower is expected to negotiate with the Loan Manager & make full repayment within 7-14 days from the day of contact


The Process is completed

An additional 7 days is granted after the initial 7-14 days from the day of contact by the Loan Manager. After this, Stage II Step 2 is initiated


Step 2

Recent data of the borrower will be obtained from different Data Dumps for the latest addresses & contacts.

The Loan Manager pays a courtesy visit to the address for further discussions

The Borrower will be granted another seven (7) days leeway to repay loan

The process is completed

Stage II Step 3 is initiated


Step 3
Case Priority & Recovery Approach are set to ‘Urgent’